• November 21, 2022

Recipe An apple pie for Father’s Day with Marlene apples

An apple pie for Father's Day with Marlene apples

It's almost Father's Day and how fun is it to bake an apple pie for your father? But an apple pie is always possible. For the weekend, a party or just as a snack.

Today an apple pie which has been tasted and approved by Robèrt.

Recently, the boys and I were invited to a Mother's Day baking competition. This contest was organized by Marlene apples and held at Robèrt's bakery. Since his participation in ‘Wie is de Mol?’ the boys are fans of Robèrt and besides baking an apple pie, they loved being able to see him in real ‘real’ life.

That day we baked an old-fashioned apple pie and all the participants' creations were judged by Robèrt and his collaborators. The recipe of the winner of this contest was sent to me and of course it is very nice to make for Father's Day.

Father's Day

Sunday is Father's Day, the day when we pamper all fathers in the Netherlands and put them in the spotlight. Here are homemade gifts’s favorite with many daddies’s, but a sweet treat is of course also possible! This Marlene French apple pie* is a great idea for this and is sure to please.

With the mixture of both sweet and fresh apples, you can conjure up a super apple pie in no time, making you lick your fingers.

Baking apple pies

We really enjoyed the day with Robèrt, not only was it super educational, but also very cozy. As a lifestyle blogger among all the food bloggers, I was of course a bit of an oddity. Yet this didn't feel like it.

And I thought it was great to see and taste all the creations. Also the delicious apple pie of Louise, who won the baking contest. Many times I baked apples with Marlene or made smoothies with these apples.

The Marlene apples are full of flavor and in addition to making my own apple pie on Mother's Day, I am making this Father's Day apple pie for this Sunday.


Father's day apple pie recipe

I really enjoyed receiving a press release with Louise's apple pie recipe (especially for Father's Day, but also for all other days)!) and gladly share it with you here: