• February 10, 2023

Christmas decoration alternatives to a Christmas tree

Christmas decoration alternatives to a Christmas tree

Suppose you don’t want a Christmas tree this year. Still, you want to bring that glow of Christmas, the festive and cozy into your home. How to do this?

Which Christmas decoration make your home glow without having to buy a tree?

No tree but Christmas decorations

Do you hate decorating your Christmas tree every year?? If you don’t have room for a tree or don’t want to have to clean up the needles all the time? Maybe you just have a pet who doesn’t like Christmas trees or you just want something completely different. Of course you can do all that. No Christmas tree, but still bringing that Christmas atmosphere into the house with Christmas decorations!

But what can you choose?

A different tree than usual

A tree, but not the needles or no artificial tree? Think of a Christmas tree made of scaffolding wood. This one is available in many colors and sizes. This tree can also be decorated with what you like.

Just like a Christmas tree actually.

Atmospheric blossom tree

What also looks very attractive in your home is a blossom tree. No Christmas tree but Christmas decorations. Full of LED lights and not only fun for Christmas by the way. These cute little ‘trees’ always look great in the house

Christmas village

No tree, but want to put up something cheerful? Choose a Christmas Village. You can make this one as big as you like.

You can make one yourself (think LEGO Christmas village with the kids) or buy one ready-made.

Decoration branches

Choose a nice vase and put decorative branches in it. This always looks nice and cheerful, but for Christmas you can put feathers with lights in it. This way you may not have a Christmas tree, but you still have that coziness of lights in the living room.

Check out Pinterest for tips

In the book Sm√Ľk, a book full of recipes, handicrafts and crafts, you will find a number of simple Christmas decoration self-makers. But also on my Pinterest Board Holidays for a change from a tree in the house. I like a Christmas tree, but also decoration.

Think painted tree trunks that I hang up. A bowl full of baubles (that are actually just left over), Christmas socks in front of the fireplace and light. Everywhere I have candles lit.

Looks super nice and gives real Christmas atmosphere.

Do you have any great tips for Christmas decorations at home?

photo free image by PatriciaPalmans via Pixabay/affiliate