• November 25, 2022

Space Craft – Watercolor Planets

Space Craft – watercolor planets

The first week of school after the Christmas break is in full swing. Such a first week immediately starts with a new theme and that is a theme that my little man is very happy with. The toddlers are busy with space and everything that has to do with it.

Of course, that also includes a space craft. So we set to work at home.

Another space craft

The theme of ‘space’ at issue. Space is a wonderful subject that can be used in many ways. It also appeals to the imagination of children enormously.

Last year we made a rocket from an empty bottle and of course a cool rocket backpack. The latter is still in his room and came in handy again on Monday when it turned out that he has this fun theme at school.

Inspired by the theme at school, we went back to work with a space craft at home. This time we made watercolor planets in the universe.

What do you need?

  • Black paper
  • White paper
  • Pair of scissors
  • Glue
  • watercolor pencils
  • Brush
  • Pot of water

How do you proceed?

1. Cut out four circles from the white paper. I used the outline of a glass for this.

2. Find images of planets on your phone, for example. We used an example of Mars, the Earth, the Moon and Pluto. Of course you can also just use fantasy planets.

3. Color in the circles with watercolor pencil. I bought very nice pencils from Stabilo. The Woody 3 in 1, for sale at Bol, among others.com.

DIY; Space craft - watercolor planets

4. Wet the brush a little and paint over your colored planet. This creates the watercolor effect.

DIY; Space craft - watercolor planets

5. When all the planets are ready, stick them on the black paper.

6. We made some stars around the planets with silver and gold pencil.

DIY; Space craft - watercolor planets

Does your child(ren) also find space so fascinating?

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