• November 29, 2022

Fit at Home creating my own home exercise program

Fit at Home: creating your own sports program at home

Are you someone who likes to get outside? Likes to exercise a lot and is athletic? Do you miss exercise too? We are pretty athletic here at home and came up with a home gym program.

What we do is explained below.

I was going to miss it

After a week of staying indoors at home, I really started to miss walking. Before we had to stay home, I walked a lap alone every morning and every evening with husband and sometimes the kids as well. Currently we ’re taking a short walk in the evening to get some fresh air. We all work at home and basically sit in front of the laptop all day.

We move a lot less and you notice that.

Many attributes of rehabilitation

Because of all the sitting, your back hurts (dining room chairs are not really ideal) and you sleep worse at night because you are not really tired. So we decided that even though we’re indoors for now, we did want to exercise and made a sports program for at home. Now I have some sports stuff lying around. A few years ago I went to a physiotherapist for knee problems. I was given exercises to do at home.

I bought some attributes for that. Attributes that were now gathering dust upstairs in the bedroom. To make a sports program at home, I figured I could actually use this sports stuff again.

Among the things I have at home are a kettlebell, hula hoop and TRX.

Curious about everything there is in the home sports field? See what you can use

Devise your own sports program

But how do you come up with your own sports program?? Work-outs on YouTube, can be very helpful here. You can really find any muscle group that does have a workout video made of it. We do it differently.

This is a bit due to my knee problems, which limit me in my movements. I myself start my sports program with Ring Fit Adventure on the Nintendo Switch. I picked out exercises here for myself that are for the stomach, waist and arm.

I do these every day and when I’m done my husband turns on his program, he’s picked out some heavier exercises here and that’s how we both use the Nintendo Switch.

Back in time with the hula hoop

After these exercises I grab some sports equipment. First I go hula hooping, I do some exercises on the TRX (hanging on the stairs) and train my arm muscles with a kettlebell. Because I did bootcamp for a long time before my knee problems, I know a lot of exercises. I do these exercises now in a small gym here in the living room.

By the way, if you don’t have weights in the house you can just fill two cap bottles with sand and use them.

Use a video when hula hooping

Let’s get back to the hula hoopn. Hula hooping is pretty boring. You stand around a bit spinning and looking around, what I do when I’m moving around is watch my favorite soap on TV or -and this is highly recommended- follow a video of hula hooping on Youtube.

You then not only watch another person in the meantime, you can also follow them in movements and exercises. This really encourages exercise.

What can you use in sports

Now what all can you use in a home sports program? As mentioned earlier, if you have no inspiration, look for YouTube videos. These can incredibly encourage you to get started properly. But what else can you do, but also make sure you eat healthy, Healthy food also stimulates you to exercise much more:

  • Use a jump rope, the boys jump in the garden every morning between school work, you really don’t have to have a fitness jump rope, a rope is fine too.
  • If you have a trampoline in the garden, use it, or go crazy and buy a special fitness trampoline, which can be placed inside the house. This is where you really build fitness.
  • A kettlebell, weights or filling empty PET bottles with sand.
  • A hula hoop. Read up on the different types of hula hoops to work out with. Look carefully which suits you.
  • Ring Fit Adventure for the Nintendo Switch , are great for working out.
  • You can find lots of sports programs’s in books in addition to YouTube. Over the years I have gotten a number of books that include exercise exercises, such as:

Exercising and Healthy Living at Home

It may sound easy, but you can exercise at home just fine. You can do this when you want, what day and time suits you and with the necessary fitness equipment or tools you can do this too!