• February 2, 2023

Why does customer service seem less and less customer friendly

Why does customer service seem less and less customer friendly?

Suddenly there are, a few moments when customer service is not customer friendly and ads are misleading. I’m sure this is a common occurrence, but suddenly it hits us a few times in a row. Is this common, is there so much in abundance that the one customer doesn’t count anymore?

Buying clothes online

I still prefer to store in brick-and-mortar stores. Yet this is becoming increasingly difficult for me. Parking fees are sky-high. And often the collection in the store does not compare to the same collection online.

Still I find buying online, often so difficult and a waste of money, should I have to return something.

What happened to customer service

Yet I recently ordered a dress online. I saw this one pass by on Facebook. It was completely in the Bohemian style that I love so much. I bought this dress and after a few days it arrived. However, it was not the dress I had ordered.

I ordered a short dress and this was a long dress. It was also a very different color. Because of this I did not even take the dress out.

Left it in the package and immediately emailed customer service. Hereby I indicated that I would return the dress but that I would consider it sporting if, in addition to the amount paid, I would also be refunded the costs for the return. This did not happen. Also no excuses or will I reserve the dress for you. ( the dress was out of stock I had already seen on the site)

Also, my review never appeared on the site. I find that strange and unfortunate. A shame anyway, because this was definitely a store I would normally have come back to more often, but with such poor customer service I won’t be coming here again.

Sending a phone

Now we recently had another customer service that was not customer friendly. It was a completely different article. Namely a telephone. We were looking for a site to send a phone to.

On the site of Re-Buy it said what we would get back for this old phone. So we chose this site. Before sending the phone, we checked it thoroughly and took pictures of everything. It looked fine, had always been in a case and there was no damage.

Then we were told that the phone was damaged and we didn’t get the promised refund.

Because we were sure we had received a totally cool phone, we called customer service and you will understand that the customer service here was not that great. More than once we said that the phone was fine, it wasn’t scratched and if they didn’t want to pay, they shouldn’t advertise it. The employee insisted that the phone was damaged and after much back and forth, we suggested, sending the phone back to us. .

A spotless phone

After a week we had our old phone back, this one was still spotless, not a scratch in sight. We then sent these to Rephone who handled this normally and sent us the amount indicated.

When customer service is not customer friendly

It’s a shame when customer service is not customer friendly. We as consumers, stay nicely on the phone or send a mail nicely. In my case. Yet we were brutally approached or as in the case of the online store not heard at all and a neat review about my experience is not posted. It is as if the websites have enough customers and do not need us.

Still, things can be different, of course, and I also know that not everyone treats customer service nicely, often some frustration precedes contacting them. Of course it is also a trade-off. What I did learn from this whole thing, by the way, is that I should read reviews more often.

Now I just read this afterwards and it turned out I wasn’t the only one having problems with that dress. A wise lesson for me.