• December 1, 2022

Following your heart-why this is so good for you

Following your heart – why this is good for you

Following your heart It all sounds so easy, but just do it. Still, following your heart is something that can make you incredibly happy and sometimes you need to turn off your mind for a moment and look beyond what you might be used to. But how do you follow your heart, because you may not have all the resources for this.

Follow your heart

What would you prefer to do if you were allowed to follow your heart?? Do you ever think about this? Are there things in your life that you are dissatisfied with and would like to change?.

It can be something big, but also something small.

You can follow your heart in love, you can follow your heart in your work but also in a hobby or in leisure time. It is sometimes difficult to follow your heart and sometimes super easy.

What does it mean to follow your heart

It’s actually very easy, following your heart means doing what you really love. You are going to do what you really desire. Following your heart means doing what you love most.

Thinking of yourself

Often we have to do so much, you want to make money, but is your heart in the work you do?? Would you like to follow your heart, but is that not realistic?. Is it not feasible because you will go backwards financially.

That’s very well possible, you can then try to weave that desire into your life in one way or another. But what about following your heart??

When you follow your heart you actually turn your mind off a bit

Do you choose for your heart or for your mind? That is a question many people ask themselves. And often the mind is chosen. This is often the best and safest way and how nice it is when everything goes safely. But what if you want to think Out of the Box, do something different than what is expected of you.

Are you being weird then? No you follow your heart.

Think only about yourself

I was twenty-three when I went backpacking through Australia for a year. I had just finished my studies and this trip was encouraged by many people around me. But when my sister and I quit our jobs three years later and went traveling through America for six months, we got a lot of comments (from outside) about this. ‘Were we thinking about retirement,’ was one of the comments we received. Because of comments from others you can lock your heart and choose the safe path, but we did not do that. We wanted to travel and we went.

Remarkably, when I retraced this journey through America with my husband and children ten years later and lived in an RV for seven months, people thought it was fantastic. Then no one asked if I was thinking about retirement.

You may fall, but you also crawl up again

If you are unhappy in your work, you might want to do things differently and follow your heart, but this is not always easy or feasible. After all, you can’t just quit your well-paying job to spend your time in your painting studio, or you can’t quit your job to live in Spain. It all sounds great, following your heart, but it’s not possible for everyone. Sometimes you have to fall flat on your face before you realize that this is not life, that this is not how you envisioned your life and slowly crawl back up to the person you want to be. You may have to give things up for this, go backwards financially, but if this is your dream.

Just try it! Take the risk.

Books, wisdom tiles and more about ‘follow your heart’: Find it here.

Small steps are steps too

Of course it was daring, quitting my job every time to travel. You certainly do not have to take such large steps at once, with small steps you can also feel happier. It is often that moment of thinking of yourself that can give you a feeling of following your heart. Think about taking a course. If you love to draw, enroll in a course at the LOI to learn to illustrate.

Would you like to try a new sport, take a trial lesson and see if it is something for you. Take a good look at where your heart is and see what you can do for yourself and do it!