• December 7, 2022

These are the benefits of baking with almond flour

These are the benefits of baking with almond flour!

Almond flour is a good product to always have in your pantry, as it is an ideal flour substitute. Almond flour is not only incredibly flavorful, but also an ideal substitute for regular flour for several reasons and baking with almond flour has advantages. It gives a new dimension to recipes you have baked many times before, for example, or just when trying out new recipes.

In this article you can read what almond flour is and what its benefits are.

What is almond flour?

Ground and blanched almonds, that is almond flour. The flour is created by grinding white, unroasted almonds. It’s a versatile and healthy product that you can easily make even at home should you not have it in the house.

You can use it, in almond bread, cookies, cakes or for example with allergies, intolerances or a low-carb diet. So baking with almond flour has many benefits!

What are the benefits of using almond flour?

Almond flour really serves as a responsible substitute for flour. For example, remember when you use wheat flour, you can also use half of this as almond flour. Almond flour makes your baked goods smoother and less likely to dry out.

For gluten intolerance and low-carbohydrate eating

Almond flour is ideal to use if you have a gluten intolerance or if you prefer not to take in too many carbohydrates, for example for diabetics. Because almond flour is made from almonds and nothing else, you have a very pure product. Almonds are naturally rich in vitamin B, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, zinc and iron. In addition, they are full of healthy fats, protein and carry a low carbohydrate content.

The high fat and protein content means that you are less likely to get a dip after consuming it.

To put sweet and savory baked goods on the table

Make for example banana bread with almond flour or replace the flour in cupcakes with almond flour. You can also make a savory version: for example, bread with almond flour and olives. In short: enough to vary!