• December 8, 2022

Making napkin rings

DIY Make napkin rings

Yes, tonight is the day. Christmas Eve. The first pork tenderloins, gourmet packages, turkeys and stewed pears will be eaten tonight.

Often while enjoying a glass of wine. You still need a napkin for all dinner parties and associated messes. In addition, it just looks very nice on your Christmas table if you do something with napkins.

How can you make nice napkin rings yourself? Of course you can read that here.

DIY Make napkin rings

I made napkin rings using clay and ribbon. A fairly simple DIY with a nice effect. This time I did it alone, but this is of course also a very nice DIY that you can make with children.

They all have their own napkin ring.

What do you need?

  • Self-drying clay
  • Cutters
  • Cocktail stick
  • Bowl of water
  • rolling pin/fondant roller
  • embossed objects (ribbons, stickers, bells, etc)
  • Ribbon or rope
  • Napkins

How do you proceed?

making napkin rings

First, knead the self-drying clay smoothly. Knead it into a ball and roll it out to a plate about 4 millimeters thick. Then you first apply the relief in the clay.

I used various materials. For example, I had various sticker borders with flowers and butterflies and I used the top of a large bell to make a print. You can see this in the second photo above. Roll your relief over the clay, until you have a piece full that a cookie cutter fits on. Then cut out the shape.

I chose to make only stars. Carefully remove the clay from the mold. In the third photo you can see that the edges are rather rough. Smooth this glass with your finger.

I did that with a little water.

making napkin rings

To be able to put the star shape on your napkin later, there must be a hole in it. Use a moist cocktail stick/skewer for this. Put it through the mold and turn gently so that a nice hole is created. Then let the molds dry well. All you have to do now is put a thread or ribbon through the hole and tie it around a napkin.

I added some Christmas twigs to finish it off.

making napkin rings

Do you already have an idea of how you will think your Christmas table? Or are you also going to make these nice napkin rings?

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