• December 6, 2022

What are typical dishes for Easter

What are typical dishes for Easter?

With Easter you quickly think of eggs, both chicken eggs and chocolate eggs, but what are more typical dishes for the Easter holidays. What can you put on the table these days and how can you decorate your table?? Everything for Easter at a glance.

Typical dishes for Easter

This year we can spend Easter together again and how nice it is to have an Easter brunch together? But what can you prepare, what are the typical dishes for Easter??

Easter brunch with eggs

Typical for an Easter brunch is chocolate. Chocolate eggs or chocolate Easter bunnies and not just to hide, they also belong on the table, of course. Just nice for decoration.

And then the ordinary eggs, they are just part of the Easter season. We often eat these cooked, because then they can be nicely decorated. But if we talk about typical Easter dishes, all dishes with eggs should be included.

Do something different for brunch and choose scrambled eggs with tomato or stuffed eggs.

All kinds of sandwiches

At the Easter brunche you often see currant bread and turban, but you also see more and more Easter bunny-shaped buns or croissants on the table. Perhaps not yet typical dishes for the Easter days, but we can of course take care of that ourselves, are scones with clotted cream and jam, egg and bacon muffins or how about cinnamon rolls. To lick your fingers off.

Fresh juice and fruit

It is really Easter when there is fresh juice and fresh fruit on the table. Make nice fruit skewers for the kids, they will love them.

Bubbles on the table

Now that we can finally spend the Easter season together again, maybe this time we should have some bubbles, just to celebrate being together.

Fish for lunch

A typical spring dish is salmon with asparagus. How good does this sound at an Easter brunch?

How about this delicious recipe from the Allerhande.

Decorate the table festively

Not a dish for Easter, but something that is typical for the holidays is setting the table nicely and decorating it. Do we normally eat from a quiet table with maybe a tablecloth, the nice plates often come on the table with the paadagen. How to cheerfully decorate the table for Easter:

  • Choose a cheerful tablecloth
  • Real Easter napkins belong here of course
  • Take cheese, cold cuts, etc. out of their packaging and place them on trays and plates
  • Nice is a big wooden breadboard with all kinds of small dishes
  • Make your own egg cups with the kids to put the eggs in for Easter and put this on the table
  • Light some candles

More crafting tips

Make a fun Easter card this year and send it to grandparents or other family members or make an Easter wreath for the door. Want to know how to make this; You can read about that here.

Also very fun and easy are making your own pompoms, fun to do with the kids for the Easter holidays and so get a little Easter atmosphere in the house. Learn how to make these pompoms here.

This year we go for cozy

After two years of yet somewhat weird Easter, this year we’re probably going to seek coziness from family and friends. An Easter brunch full of typical dishes for the Easter season is part of this. Set a cheerful table and enjoy the company and each other!