• December 19, 2022

Wooden photo holder (Mother’s Day)

DIY Wooden photo holder (Mother's Day)

All week long we have been playing outside and messing around in the garden. I was busy with wood when I thought of something cool to make with it. I made a wooden photo holder to put fun photos's or cards in.

Since Mother's Day I am also making this DIY in the meantime. This way you still have enough time to make the photo holder with a nice picture of your child(ren) in it.


DIY Making a wooden photo holder (Mother's Day)

Mother's Day is approaching, the weather is lovely and the May vacation is coming up. Time enough to get started with a nice DIY. While you're messing around outside, take a nice picture of your child(ren) right away.

Then you can print those out nicely in time to put in that cool photo holder. In this article I make a wooden photo holder, but a stone photo holder is also super cute!

What do you need for a wooden photo holder?

  • A thick branch
  • Saw (or jigsaw)
  • Sandpaper

How to make a wooden photo holder?

Our little man finds it very interesting to drag branches from the forest. I regularly have piles of branches and other treasures in front of the garage door. For this wooden photo holder I used a thick branch.

I sawed it into several pieces.

Starting with a cube of about'n 7 centimeters, then one of about'n 5 centimeters and a cube of 3.5 centimeters. By the way, of course you can do this entirely according to your own ideas. After Sawing you have QUITE A FEW Sharp edges, So I Sanded Them Smooth With A Fine Sand Paper.

To make the slot where you want to put the photo or card, I placed the wood blocks in the fish.

This way you can be sure you keep all ten fingers. I SAED INTO EACH BLOCK, ACROSS, A CLOSE Half an inch Deep. Possible You Can Do That Deeper.

I also Smoothed This Slot With Some Sandpaper. Less than for minutes later I had these awesome photo holders on my table.

And this is the end result with a few cool cards in it. These Cards Came By Before, You Might Remember Them? The Photo Holders Are Suitable for Putting Pictures ’ S, Cards or Even Drawings of the Kids in Them.

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Making a Wooden Photo Holder

What would you put in these photo holders?

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