• January 10, 2023

Energy and tea- boost yourself with tea from Tastea

Energy and tea – boost yourself with tea from Tastea

Give yourself a Energy boost this new year and start right away. And preferably with this loose tea from Tastea. Healthy tea that is not only delicious to drink, but also provides more energy.

How does this work?

What kind of tea?

Tastea is your start for a healthier, fitter and happier life, it says on the Tastea website. There are different types of tea: including Detox Tea, Energy Tea, Pregnancy Tea and Breastfeeding Tea. The tea all have great names.

The pregnancy tea is called ‘Bun in the oven’.and the breastfeeding tea ‘mommy’s milkshake’. What appealed to me the most was the energy tea. December always gives me a bit of a winter dip.

The last month of the year I am a bit stagnant. In January I then plan to start doing more activities and exercise again so I can use a little energy in the new month.

Energy Boost

Energy Boost tea so. Do you like to drink tea all day long?And do you have different teas and flavors in your cupboard at home?? Then this Energy boost from Tastea might also be something for you.

Tastea is known for its slogan: tee for a healthier, fitter and happier life! I wanted to try that. The tea comes in wonderful packaging, namely a canister that holds 125 grams of tea.

They also have cups at Tastea specially for this loose tea.

The taste

The blend when you want to get more out of your day! Having energy is an important part of feeling good, happy, fit and unbeatable. Boost your energy levels in a 100% natural way with Energy Boost tea.

Bring out the energetic you in you and taste the goodlife!

Where can Energy Boost support?

  • More energy
  • Dealing with stress
  • Relaxed
  • Vitamin boost
  • Promote mental health

The ingredients of the tea are: Mate green, Green rooibos, Orange peels, natural flavoring, Orange pieces, Blue cornflower, Mallow, Yellow marigold petals, Safflower petals. When you open the can of tea you can smell these ingredients measure and the smell is delicious. Personally I like the tea very much. The taste is full and very powerful. I definitely think it contains ingredients that can help you relax more and give you energy.

Just like too much liquorice tea can make you feel jittery. The energy boost won’t be felt after one cup of tea, but that it can be relaxing I definitely believe that.

Specila Tastea cup

The tastea cup is not only ideal to use at home without the hassle of a spice ball, but also convenient to take anywhere! The tastea cup is double-walled, which ensures that the tea stays hot longer without burning your fingers. And the cup is perfect for keeping cold drinks cold longer without condensation.

Take tastea with you anywhere!

The cup is easy to clean, simple to use for multiple purposes, and a must-have for every tea lover! The tastea tea cup is hugely convenient for loose herbal teas, is BPA-free and double-walled and also incredibly hip. Furthermore, it is useful to know that there is a filter in the cup so you will not ingest any tea grounds. The tea cup has a secret bottom where you can store extra herbal teas, vitamins or sweetener.

Ideal is that the cup can be closed. So I no longer have the problem that I forget my tea and it is cold. The mug is ideal, it doesn’t get hot so you can hold it and keep it clean.

The filter eliminates loose tea in your mouth. The filter stops everything.

Pregnancy tea

Okay the energy tea helps for more energy, but what about the other teas, what does the pregnancy tea stand for, for example:

The pregnancy tea

Make the 3rd trimester, labor and delivery a lot more pleasant thanks to Bun in the oven tea. The blend is rich in important vitamins and minerals such as zinc, magnesium, calcium and iron which are important for both yourself and the fetus. Bun in the oven prepares your uterus for labor and puerperium and helps you relax. So you can recover faster. The amount of cups per day is to your liking.

100% natural, without theine.

Tastea is your start for a healthier, fitter and happier life! The different 100% natural tea herbal combinations can support you at every stage of your life. So start today and taste the goodlife!

Pricey but worth it

Fair is fair, the tea is pricey. But I also have to be honest, you can taste that from it too. Per time you use 3 grams, so you do a long time with the tea.

If tea is something you can really enjoy, then this is definitely worth it.