• January 18, 2023

Itching with eczema this is a cream that works well

Eczema itch, this is a cream that works well

What really helps with itching when you have this with eczema? After years of experience and trying I have now found the ointment that really works. Recently I talked about this with others and thought, this is also something for an article because who knows who I can help with this.

Eczema is so common

Eczema is obviously very common. It’s an itchy rash with redness, swelling, flakes, bumps, fissures or scabs. Our son mainly suffers from redness and bumps.

These itchy little bumps. After all these years we still cannot put our finger on what causes the eczema. We looked at certain foods, although we eat very healthy and I limit dyes. He is allergic, a new pillow helped him a lot with this.

Still, the allergic reactions and eczema come on all at once. The last time he had horrendous red eyes and eczema was during the first days of school after summer vacation. So maybe it is stress related?

Eczema and itching

A few years ago the itching was so bad that I asked my sister for advice. She is an expert by experience regarding eczema, allergies and itching and is a nurse. Now she lives in America and sent me a picture of a tube of what would help perfectly with itching and eczema.

I went to the pharmacy with this picture. Here they did not have this package, but the pharmacist looked at the ingredients on the package in question for me and then came up with an identical cream.

What do I use against itching?

On his advice I then bought a tube of Mentho 10 Menthol cream. My son was so itchy at the time because of eczema, I was able to use it right away and he told me the cream worked incredibly well. The itching went away and it felt very cooling in the areas where I applied it. Now -years later- I still use this cream.

And so I gave this tip to a lady whose daughter also suffered from itching. I was very pleased that she sent me a message back later, saying that this cream also helped her daughter so well.

Mentho 10 recommended for itching.

Now this is not a sponsored post, I bought this product myself because my son was itching so much due to his eczema. I am writing about this because it is helping my son so well and I hope I may be able to make other people happy with this information. I looked on the Mentho10 site and they recommend the following products for itching:

  • Mentho10 Menthol powder
  • Mentho10 Children’s powder
  • Mentho10 Menthol Powder Extra
  • Mentho10 Menthol cream
  • Mentho10 Menthol Gel

Mentho 10 products are available in pharmacies, drugstores and online.