• January 19, 2023

How to deal with a child starting to pubescence

How to deal with a child who is going through puberty

What if your child is going through puberty? When does this start and how do you deal with it? Lately, we've been noticing more and more that our oldest son is starting to pubescence and I was going to want to know what to expect anyway!

When your child changes

When I think back to my childhood, I didn't really go through puberty, maybe my parents think otherwise, but apart from the fact that I was sometimes very grumpy and had a terrible morning mood, I think I was a pretty nice kid at that age. Before and after by the way.

When does puberty begin?

But when exactly does puberty begin?? And what can we have to deal with? A child begins to pubescence between the tenth and eighteenth year of life this is when girls and boys develop into adults.

They become sexually mature and mentally develop into adults.

What will change

Children can be quite troubled by the hormones that can be coursing through their bodies when they reach puberty, but the brain also changes during puberty. Children can be more sensitive, more easily distracted. Children can be insecure and have changing moods. it's all part of the deal.

What can you do when your child starts puberty?

Of course, puberty does not come on all of a sudden, and also really not every child goes through puberty or brings ‘ problems’ with it. Because problems aren't problems after all. It is part of growing up with your children.

But how can you as a parent deal with your child going through puberty?

  • listen to your adolescent. Try not to tell them what to do, but let them come up with their own ideas.
  • Talk, explain why things go the way they do.
  • Make rules together. Your child is now at an age where he or she can think along with you about rules and if they are allowed to set them, they will stick to them better.
  • Give attention to the adolescent, let them adolescence and take them seriously.

Becoming an adult

Puberty is exciting. What kind of person does your adolescent become? If you think this way, you'll understand your child better. You don't always have to worry.

Watch your child from a distance, as an observer. This is a better way to see how your son or daughter is trying to grow up. You can be proud of that.

We have a lot to look forward to with two adolescents in the house. I am very curious to see how they go through puberty, but more importantly how they develop.