• December 15, 2022

Don’t lose each other in the hustle and bustle of every day

Don't lose each other in the hustle and bustle of every day could never get away

Not losing each other in the bustle of all the day-tips

You both have busy jobs, the kids demand attention and you also want to keep your social life active. What can you do to not lose your partner in the hustle and bustle of everyday life??

Losing each other


The first years with the children were, for me personally, tropical years. Between the boys is 22 months. We made a conscious choice for this and of course you can be happy if it works out.

When I was pregnant with number two, many people told me that the second baby was just around the corner. I walked around with that attitude, until I realized that I found two kids in diapers just super heavy. One was asleep and the other awake.

Up and down the stairs, both had to be on the arm.

Nor had I considered that the children's illness would have such an impact on our lives. Because of this illness of the boys, we could never get away together easily and the care was so heavy that at one point we felt we were losing each other

traveling was the solution

We both came home from work tired. Around that time the boys were also upset and we noticed we were grumbling at each other more often. This was the moment we made a radical decision.

We both quit our jobs.

The plan was a one-year sabbatical. And in this year we went traveling. Seven months we drove the four of us in an RV through America and Canada.

The care for the boys did not become less, but we learned that through rest and regularity, we could deal with this better. We also noticed that we were growing more closer together, which was so nice, after a time when we had lost each other a bit.

Back home, a lot changed

When we came home after seven months a lot changed. I became a stay-at-home mom and took full care of the boys. This means that we still cannot go away together.

An evening out is fine and the boys can stay at grandpa and grandma's for a night, but longer is not possible.

That feeling of losing each other has not been as bad as in the first years, still you have to make sure to be together once in a while.

More freedom as they get older

Of course we get more and more freedom. The boys are getting older. And can enjoy themselves at home alone. This is why we often walk around the village in the evening.

Not only healthy, but then we also talk together.

And surely this is one of those things you don't want to lose each other. Keep talking together.

But how to make sure you don't lose each other because of the hustle and bustle?

But what can you do to not lose your partner in the hustle and bustle of everyday life and the care of the children??

  • Provide quality time. Sitting together on the couch zapping, is no time together. Go out to dinner, make sure you can talk to each other.
  • Listen to each other, this way you give each other attention and attention from each other makes you feel good together.
  • And keep communicating. That is so important. The other cannot see or feel what is going on. Talk about it.
  • Plan the time together. That could be an evening every week, or a regular babysitter every month.
  • Give each other space, especially during those first difficult years, it's nice not to be the partner and parent of one another but to go out with friends. . Get along and support each other even when one of you is having a hard time.

Do you have any extra tips? And what do you and your partner do not get lost in the hustle and bustle of the day?