• January 24, 2023

Cool experiments

DIY cool experiments

The theme of the week is Strange but True. Around the themes nature, science and technology children can discover all kinds of things. So I went back to work with the little guy.

After a trip to the supermarket, we exploded Coke and made a hovercraft.

Would you like to make a mess with coke?? Read on quickly.

Experiments; Foaming glass

Our experiments.and we found the experiment to make a frothy glass. For toddlers, of course, a trial is especially fun if there is also a great effect. This worked well with this little experiment.

My toddler could also do a lot on her own here, under supervision. That made it extra interesting. For this experiment we first had to go to the supermarket to get baking powder.

We had everything else in the house. We used cleaning vinegar and dishwashing liquid and followed the description from the link above.


The little man got to add all the ingredients himself. Do this on the kitchen or outside because it will be a sticky mess afterwards. Of course, the best part was when the glass started foaming and the foam just kept flowing.

The last picture is actually quite modest because the glass kept foaming for a really long time.

In the end they liked this experiment so much that he did it a few more times. Tip; buy enough bags of baking powder.

Experiments; Coke fountain


I had seen the coke fountain on Pinterest before. I thought this was especially fun to do myself. Mess around with the little man.

In the supermarket we bought a big bottle of coke.

By the way, we did it with regular cola but later I discovered it works even better with diet cola. I would definitely recommend that. We also bought rolls of mentos.

One liter of cola requires one roll of mentos.
Make a row of mentos and stick them together with tape. Make sure you do leave two sides open. The reason you stick them together is because the reaction of the mentos with the cola occurs very quickly.

So you don't have time to throw them in the bottle one by one.


Then put the bottle of coke outside and open the cap. Drop the stuck mentos in the bottle in one go and step back quickly. My little man liked it a lot.

Unfortunately I had only bought one bottle so the fun was short-lived, but it was certainly fun.

Since it didn't rain there is still a sticky cola stain on our street now.


Experiments; hovercraft


To make a hovercraft you need a CD, a glue gun (or strong glue), a balloon and a cap from a water bottle.
Glue the cap over the middle of the CD. Let it dry well. Inflate the balloon and place it over the cap.

After blowing up a balloon 100 times and not getting it to pop normally, I had a brilliant idea.

I used a peg to hold the balloon closed for a moment, so I had two hands to place the balloon over the cap. When you remove the pinch the balloon deflates. The air then pushes the CD up a little bit and blows it across the floor.

We have a smooth cast floor so this worked very well. This test was very much appreciated by the little man so after half an hour I almost had to go on oxygen myself. But anyway, we had fun.


Have you ever done experiments with the children?? Do you have any fun tips?

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